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Private View: 6-9pm, Thursday 3rd February 2011

Exhibition: 3rd February – 12th March 2011
12 to 5pm, Thursday to Saturday

“The object of aesthetic apprehension is characterised as that
which is neither an object of knowledge nor an object of desire.”
- Jacques Rancière

Camp X-Ray, Guantánamo Bay Naval Base, Cuba, February 3rd 2002; a brightly-lit room: hazy infinity seems to stretch in every direction as a slowly pulsating monotone bass sound fills the air, occasionally building to the exalted crescendo of a distorted choir. A mangy rodent at the far end of the room, with red laser eyes throbbing in its head, is just visible through the fog. It stops dead in its tracks and turns to fix its gaze before declaring:

“This is a very popular artwork.”


“Utterly bonkers. Psychoanalysl need professional help.”
- Peter Suchin (Art Monthly)

“Between them they have managed to stage the single worst art exhibition I have ever seen anywhere, ever.”
- Richard Dorment (The Telegraph)